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Riyadh tops in sexual harassment

Discussion in 'Greater Asia & Middle East' started by omya, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. omya

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    The Kingdom has registered 2,797 cases of sexual harassment involving women and children so far this year.
    Saudis were involved in 59.9 percent of the cases (1,669 cases) and non-Saudis in 1,128 cases.
    Riyadh topped the list with 650 harassment cases followed by Jeddah with 250 cases, the Eastern Province with 210, Makkah 180 and Madinah 170 cases. The remaining cases were dealt with in courts in other regions.
    Courts in Riyadh handled 100 cases of harassment involving women, which were mostly committed by Yemenis, who account for the highest number of harassment cases. Courts of Riyadh also handled 40 cases of children being lured.
    There were 50 cases of harassment involving Egyptian expats, in addition to another 10 cases of children being lured. Pakistanis were involved in 25 cases of harassing women and 23 cases of luring children. Bangladeshi expats were involved in a total of 39 cases of harassment, followed by Syrian expats, with 37 cases.
    A judge told a local newspaper that “the law of restitution stipulates paying a fine to the victim or getting a defined number of lashes.â€￾
    “Punishment must be implemented even if the victim waives her rights,â€￾ he said.
    Luring a victim, he says, encompasses an individual being nice to under-aged children in order to lead the child to commit illegal acts that attract punishment under the law.

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