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Rugged video I/O and processor XMC for video acquisition processing introduced by CES

Discussion in 'Education & Research' started by layman, Dec 25, 2013.

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    GENEVA, Switzerland, 25 Dec. 2013. Creative Electronic Systems SA (CES) is introducing the VPP-8112 video I/O and processor express mezzanine card (XMC) for video acquisition and video processing in harsh operating conditions.

    The rugged VPP-8112 embedded computing module excels in harsh, conduction-cooled environments. With its low power consumption and standard conduction-cooled XMC format, the VPP-8112 can be installed on any single-board processor or passive carrier, CES officials say.

    The VPP-8112 accommodates input and output channels with image processing in a small conduction-cooled format. The VPP-8112 has the DaVinci digital media processor from Texas Instruments. It incorporates an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, running an embedded Linux system, a floating point VLIW DSP, a video image coprocessor for H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression, decompression and a 3D graphics processing unit.

    Its several integrated I/O peripherals provide native support for a PCI Express x1 Gen2 link, two Gigabit Ethernet links, one SATA-II interface for external storage, and two USB 2.0 ports. The VPP-8112 has two stereo audio inputs and outputs to compliment the video capability of the module.

    For system prototyping and evaluation, CES offers an integrated laboratory system with a VPP-8112 installed on a carrier that links via PCI Express to a RIO6-8093 VME single board computer. A stand-alone development kit is available that provides easy access to I/O interfaces.

    CES provides integrated flight computers with video processing, general-purpose processing, and avionic I/O interfaces using the VPP-8112. The VPP-8112 is available with a device driver for an x86 Linux or PPC VxWorks host, and firmware.

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