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Russian nuclear submarine catches fire during repairs

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by satz, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. satz

    satz Captain SENIOR MEMBER

    Jul 17, 2011
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    Russian nuclear submarine catches fire during repairs


    MOSCOW: One of Russia's biggest nuclear submarines caught fire while undergoing repairs in dock in the northern Murmansk region but experienced no radiation leak, officials said.

    Russia said firefighters contained a blaze on a nuclear submarine undergoing repairs near Norway after partially submerging the vessel, insisting there was no radiation threat.

    The 11,740-tonne Yekaterinburg - one of Russia's most powerful nuclear submarines - was undergoing repairs in the northern region of Murmansk near Norway when some wooden structures in the shipyard caught fire.

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    The flames spread quickly to the outer hull and continued to burn overnight despite a massive salvage operation with 11 fire crews, several helicopters and a navy fire boat.

    Russian officials said the fire had been contained and ruled out radiation threats but said some crew members were still aboard.

    "There are no open flames," a defence ministry statement said. Officials said the boat had been partially submerged overnight to help contain the fire.

    "A part of the crew is on board the submarine and is monitoring the temperature and carbon dioxide parameters in all sections of the boat," news agencies quoted the statement as saying.

    The emergencies ministry said seven firemen had been hospitalised after suffering smoke inhalation.

    The Russian foreign ministry took the unusual step of issuing an official statement on the incident in which it confirmed the defence ministry's information and promised to issue prompt updates.

    "The radiation levels, which remain normal, are being analysed across the entire Murmansk region by 59 fixed sensor systems and 25 portable stations," the foreign ministry said.

    Russian nuclear submarine catches fire during repairs - The Economic Times
  2. Averageamerican

    Averageamerican Colonel ELITE MEMBER

    Oct 3, 2010
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    United States
    Let me understand this some wood, structure, or scafolding used in construction caught fire to the point the only way they could put it out was sink the sub. Hope its not the one India just bought. I dont know which is the most weird a story like this or the fact they expect people to believe it. I allways figured those wooden subs the russians made were going to be trouble.
  3. SajeevJino

    SajeevJino Major SENIOR MEMBER

    Apr 4, 2011
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    Russian nuclear sub was armed during fire: report

    A massive Russian navy submarine was armed with long-range nuclear missiles when it caught fire while undergoing repairs at a northern dock late last year, a respected weekly reported on Monday.

    In a cover article entitled "Russia Narrowly Avoided a Second Chernobyl," the Vlast weekly said the crew of the Yekaterinburg had ignored regular practice and docked in Murmansk for service work while still carrying weapons.

    "The presence of weapons at the time of the fire was confirmed to Vlast by several different sources within the Russian navy and Northern Fleet command," the magazine said.

    The report did not include quotes from officials and conceded that navy submarines usually remove their arsenals before docking for repairs.

    But it said several unusual factors about the December fire suggested the vessel was carrying 16 long-range nuclear missile with four warheads each as well as torpedoes, some of which may have been nuclear-tipped.

    It said that a few days after the fire was put out, the vessel was towed to a secret military base that stores a part of the Northern Fleet's nuclear arsenal.

    Vlast said there was no reason for the vessel, which will be decommissioned for several months while it undergoes repairs, to be at the weapons depot except to remove its stock of nuclear-tipped missiles.

    The weekly also said that vessels that need repairs between missions often go in for quick fixes fully armed because the loading and unloading procedure is so time-consuming.

    There was no comment to the report from Russian naval or other defence officials.

    The 11,400-tonne Delta IV class Yekaterinburg was commissioned in 1985 and along with five other such vessels forms the backbone of Russia's sea-based nuclear defences.

    Russian nuclear sub was armed during fire: report
  4. Wrecker1984

    Wrecker1984 FULL MEMBER

    Feb 8, 2012
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    Its a shame. Such incidents cast doubts and play a major role in pushing India to EU/US.
  5. vikas jat

    vikas jat Captain SENIOR MEMBER

    Aug 15, 2011
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    it happens not a serious issues
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