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    nice pics ...
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    cool. Best single engine MRCA operating at present.

    Do we have Sabb Gripen & LCA Tejas comparison thread in IDF ?
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    Saab ?e dodatno smanjiti cijenu Gripena kako bi potvrdio pobjedu u ?vicarskoj

    Saab will reduce Gripen's cost yet again so as to secure victory in Switzerland

    Sweden Saab will additionally reduce cost of Gripen offer to Switzerland so as to secure final victory for contract for equipping Switzerland Air Force with fighter planes, reported Tages-Anzeiger.

    In November, Dassault lost to Sweden Saab, with Swiss choosing 22 Gripens for 3,1 billion Swiss francs (3,4 billion USD).

    "Price will be less than 3,1 billion Swiss francs", said SAAB's director for Switzerland Anders Carp, in interview for Swiss daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

    Unnamed source said that price will be between 2,5 and 2,8 billion Swiss francs.

    This is reply from SAAB to Dassault's offer of 18 Dassault Rafales for 2,7 billion Swiss francs.

    Dassault sent a letter to Swiss parliamentary committee for security with proposal of new prices. Parliament yet has to confirm the procurement of Gripens.
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    I don't remember seeing it.
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    No, there isn't any thread on Gripen Vs Tejas.

    @Picard you're free to open one, we'll add our information to compare between the two. :tup:
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    Croatia - Hungary - Czech - Slovakia: Mid-European "Gripen zone"

    30. 3. 2012.

    Hrvatska-Ma?arska-?e?ka-Slova?ka: Srednjoeuropska "Gripen zona"

    "Military abilities and capacities, especially fighter planes, should be commonly used by several states on regional level so as to reduce expenses", said Phillip Gordon, assistant of state secretary for the Europe who met with Czech state officials. Sharing allied capacities and closer cooperation will thus be one of main themes on upcoming May NATO summit in Chicago, said Gordorn, and reports Chzech News Agency.

    With this, Gordon has sent a message to all members of NATO, including Croatian officials. Largest support to this opinion was given by ex head of General Staff of Armed Forces of Czech, general Jiri Ĺ edivy. He said that it is necessary to create a Middle-European Gripen zone since Hungary and Czech have this aircraft. From diplomatic sources in Zagreb we heard that Hungary and Czech would like to have Slovakia and Croatia as members of this "society".

    Message of Phillip Gordin coincides with unofficial information from Hungary that Hungary would, as part of new contract about renting Gripen from 2016-2026 reduce number of flight hours over the year, which leaves lot of space for it to lend unused capacities to Croatia.


    Croatia would share same type of aircraft with Hungary, Czech and Slovakia, making logistics easier. Countries would also be teritorially connected, with Hungary as a link, which is also important, especially of said group is made responsible for "air policing" of south-east Europe.

    Also, data for 2012 were clear. Gripen cost 4 700 USD per hour, F16 7 000 USD, Rafale 16 500 USD and Typhoon 18 000 USD. (...)

    Croatian officials cannot ram their hand in a sand and talk for years how "there is no money". Croatian Military is bare-boned, and every government has reduced military budget wherever it could have. Croatia with such military and security principles, without strategy of national security, long term plan for development of armed forces, without defense strategy or defense doctrine, does not move forward since its entrance in NATO.

    Since Croatia entered NATO, it is like time stopped. There is no military thought in Croatian society, or thinking about important political and security matters. All important military decisions are made by 5-6 men from govrenment, without public debate, or opinion of profession (same as with everything else here, really - note by translator). Absolutely everything is determined by lack of money (Of course there is no money when politicians stole it! - note by translator), which is completely mistaken.

    By ignoring military-industrial processes happening nearby, Croatia can only loose.

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    I'll write myself a note to do a comparasion, something similar to what I did with F16 and Gripen, but I don't know when I'll do it, so...
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    I am glad to see a Gripen thread.
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    what way Gripen 39 variants can be compared to LCA SP variants..

    LCA Mk II can match Gripen NG ? (both are non existent now )
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    That is a beautiful picture. Nothing else needs be said.

    At least Gripen NG exists in prototype form, with most of the technologies intended to be implemented in the production variants.

    There are increasingly larger number of arguments suggesting that the Tejas Mk.II will outmatch it, which I find hard to believe. I honestly hope I'm proved wrong, that the PSUs do a better job than expected, but as of this moment, the LCA outdoing the Gripen, technologically, is an optimistic dream.
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    can somebody name few in what way LCA is inferior to Gripen ? And what options open to LCA to out do Gripen ?
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    as of now your statement is correct. Wait till 2015. You will love to be proved wrong.
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    LCA has a slightly better engine, more stealth due to composites and shaping, higher service ceiling, more choice of weapons , avionics is expected to be gained with experiences from MMRCA and Russian PAK-FA inputs.

    Bring an AESA it can even outclass Gripen.
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