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SAES SDL-SS ASW System Fully Operational in 3 Swedish Corvettes

Discussion in 'The Americas' started by layman, Feb 10, 2014.

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    The year 2014 started very successfully for SDL-SS program that SAES develops for the Royal Swedish Navy (FM), with final acceptance of anti-submarine warfare systems SDL-SS (Sensor Data Link – Surface Segment) # 2 & # 3, that have undergone sea trials (SAT-Sea Acceptance test) in Karlskrona with the participation of FM and Defence Material Administration (FMV) during 2013.

    The program, started in 2010, will culminate with the delivery and acceptance of the 5 SDL-SS systems that FMV has acquired to improve the ASW capacity of Visby class corvettes.

    The SDL-SS system is part of Sensor Data Link (SDL) system. The SDL system defines a new operational ASW solution through the coordinated use of two platforms, one of them installed on remote and elevated platforms (SDL-AS) installed on manned/unmanned air vehicles , and the other one is installed on surface platform (SDL-SS) like the Visby corvettes.

    The SDL system enables small combat ships (500 to 2000 ton) to actively participate in ASW missions, adding operational advantages due to the increased speed and easy manoeuvrability of these type of ships. On the other hand, the SDL system collaborates in Network Centric Warfare (NCW) implementing different modes of communication:

    - Line Of Sight (LOS), to exchange tactical and intelligence data either with a Surface Platform SDL-SS (Surface-To-Surface communication – S2S mode) or with a distanced platform SDL-AS (Surface-To-Air communication – S2A mode).

    - Satellite (Surface-To-Satellite communication – SATCOM mode), to exchange tactical and intelligence data with distanced platforms beyond Line of Sight.

    The SDL-SS system is complemented by the Airborne Segment Sensor Data Link system (SDL-AS). It should be noted that the HKP-15 helicopters of the Visby corvettes are equipped with the SDL-AS (Sensor Data Link – Airborne Segment) since 2008. Consequently, the FM has a complete SDL system.

    “It is a privilege to be part of a ship so advanced as the Visby Corvette. Thanks to the SDL system, FM is at the forefront of anti-submarine warfare (ASW)â€￾ the project manager says.

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