Ship carrying arms detained by Indian Coast Guards in Tuticorin

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    CHENNAI: The Indian Coast Guard has detained a ship which had 25 security guards and arms on board after it was intercepted off Cape Comorin on Saturday.

    The ship, Seaman Guard, registered in Sierra Leone, has been brought to Tuticorin port. "The ship was spotted by our vessel off Cape Comorin and have brought it to the port. Officials are inspecting the vessel and further details are awaited," a coast guard official told TOI.

    Sources said the ship was carrying security men to guard it from pirate attack. It is said to be a registered in a private company's name in the African country of Sierra Leone.

    Ship carrying arms detained by Indian Coast Guards in Tuticorin - The Times of India
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    US ship with armed guards detained at Tuticorin; no papers authorising possession of arms


    New Delhi: The Indian Coast Guard on Friday detained a vessel, belonging to a US-based firm, with 10 crew and 25 security guards on board off Kanyakumari coast.

    Semi-automatic weapons were found aboard the vessel, MV Seaman Guard. The crew, reportedly, did not have documents authorising them to carry these weapons.

    The vessel, registered in Sierra Leone (West Africa), has been towed to Tuticorin port for further investigations.

    "Further investigation of the ship would be undertaken by the coastal police for ascertaining its involvement in arms trafficking," said a press release by the Coast Guard.

    US ship with armed guards detained at Tuticorin; no papers authorising possession of arms |
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    WOW !!! 25 security guards
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    Guess that is carrying arms for the Syrian rebels... else why the need for 25 security guards...
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    or may be free weapons for naxals
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    what was the destination of this ship?

    by the way good job ICG
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    And where would they dock the ship?
    Well maybe its ordered by Congress to arm and protect the "minority"
    Elections are near...
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    Guranteed.....and if coast guards work honestly then i don't think naxals will get any such freebies.
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    Centre seeks report on detained American ship


    The Indian Coast Guard had intercepted and detained MV Seaman Guard Ohio on Sunday.

    Taking a serious view of the suspicious movement of an American ship in Indian waters, the Centre on Monday sought a report from the Tamil Nadu government on the vessel which was detained for carrying arms and buying diesel unauthorisedly.

    The Home Ministry conveyed to the Tamil Nadu government and other agencies involved in probing the case to find out details of the ship, the crew members and its armed guards and also its purpose of cruising in Indian territorial waters.

    “We want a detailed report. It is a serious matter as the ship was carrying arms and bought diesel in India illegally,” a Home Ministry official said.

    The vessel, MV Seaman Guard Ohio, whose crew included eight Indians, was intercepted and detained by the Indian Coast Guard about 15 nautical miles east of Tuticorin on Saturday.

    An FIR has been registered against 10 crew members and 25 guards of the detained ship by the Tamil Nadu Marine Police for illegally carrying arms and ammunition.

    Besides, a case under the Essential Commodities Act has also been registered for buying 1,500 litres of diesel illegally with the help of a local shipping agent.

    A senior Marine Police official said the ship, stated to be belonging to a US-based firm offering maritime security, was not authorised to enter the Indian waters and its mandate was largely confined to regions in the Indian Ocean like the Gulf of Aden, a hotbed of piracy.

    Police has intensified probe to ascertain the motive behind the vessel’s entry into Indian waters.

    The ship has 10 crew members, comprising two Ukranians and eight Indians. The vessel also has 25 security guards (6 British, 14 Estonian, 1 Ukranian and 4 Indians).

    Centre seeks report on detained American ship - The Hindu

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