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Sino-Indian border standoff: First Australian Uranium shipment is on its way to India

Discussion in 'Indian Defence Industry' started by Som Thomas, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Som Thomas

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    Jul 19, 2017, 12.41 AM IST
    NEW DELHI: The first ever shipment of uranium from Australia -- having world's biggest reserves of yellow cake -- is on its way to India elevating strategic partnership to a new level, informed visiting foreign minister Julie Bishop.

    She also suggested that China, pursuing an aggressive foreign policy, must adhere to international norms amid Sino-Indian border standoff.

    "The first shipment of uranium under the commercial arrangement is on its own way to India. The parliamentary clearance for uranium supplies was approved in Australia.India and Australia have also agreed on nuclear safeguards agreement," the Minister told a select group of reporters here on Tuesday after her meeting with the PM, Foreign Minister and Defence & Finance Minister.

    India and Australia signed a civil nuclear pact in 2014 and Canberra has been a supporter of India's entry into the NSG besides other export control regimes. Besides expansion of defence and security partnership, the ongoing standoff in Dokalam figured high on the agenda of Bishop's meetings with PM and the two key Ministers.

    "This is long term dispute. While maritime border disputes should be settled based on UNCLOS, land boundary disputes should be settled peacefully. We don't want to see an escalation. Any miscalculation could lead to tensions," Bishop remarked.

    The visiting Minister was of opinion that China has an increasingly assertive foreign policy and it should adhere to international norms and order.

    “India and Australia have a growing strategic and economic partnership to provide stability in the Indo-Pacific region. We hope to expand defence partnership besides working on counter-terror and countering violent extremism.”

    When asked about India's reluctance to include Australia in the Malabar Naval exercise, the Minister avoided a direct reply and said, "The matter is not upsetting.

    Each country has different priorities. India and Australia have had bilateral Naval exercises. And Australia have series of bilateral military exercises and remain keen for more such exercise."'

    "There are all indications from the top leadership of US that it is continuing with its pivot to Asia-Pacific. Besides President Donald Trump will attend East Asia Summit," the Australian Foreign Minister pointed out.

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  2. Hellfire

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    Apr 16, 2017
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    Sensationalised news heading.

    The only China oriented move (as per Chinese) would have been the inclusion of Australia into the Malabar Exercises, which did not occur
  3. Vyom

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    Aug 9, 2013
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    The Chinese have ratcheted up the rhetoric and are keeping it that way. Purpose seems to be : Create a anti India Security Posture for future conflicts if not the present one, all those crying hoarse that the Chinese will attack (highly unlikely) I think are playing into China's mind game. how ever what I see from the MEA is just one reaction and nothing more the Army is standing its ground.

    Owing to the terrain its more easy to build infra on the Tibetan plateau than on mountains but their supply routes are too long, even in the DBO sector the stand off lasted 25 days because supply routes could only be maintained that long an t was getting prohibitively expensive for them for 'just' a stand off.

    In any case this buildup will not only happen on our N-NE Frontier but likely to continue in the Ocean's as well. Who ever blinks first in this scene may lose this plot. The real maneuvering will be post this standoff how either side manages or milks the derived conclusions for furthering its security interests. I, for one, am Certain the Dragon with its hot gas will be stared down by the Indian Armed Forces, and I hope the political leadership and babus hold on to their new found spine.
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