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Six Indian infrastructure projects among world's top 100 list

Discussion in 'World Economy' started by Gessler, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. Gessler


    Mar 16, 2012
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    Gujarat International FinanceTec (GIFT) City


    Traditional financial services and IT centers may soon be looking over their shoulders at the Gujarat International FinanceTec City (GIFT) in India.This US$20 billion mega- project combines state-of-the-art connectivity, infrastructure and transportation with sustainable, environmentally sensitive growth. Although only two of the planned buildings have been constructed, new Indian prime minister Narendra Modi ...

    Yamuna Expressway

    While China and Brazil focus on heavy rail corridors, India has addressed its road and urban rail networks. Opened in 2012, the 165-kilometer, six-lane yamuna Expressway is India’s longest motorway, connecting the capital New Delhi with Agra and creating a corridor for economic growth. By dramatically reducing the travel time between these two historic cities, the US$1.9 billion project will have a lasting impact on villagers, tourists, traders


    Delhi Metro

    1. GIFT | Six Indian infrastructure projects among world's top 100 list - Yahoo India Finance
      Ten years after its first line opened, the US$2.3 billion Delhi Metro continues to expand, setting a shining example of how to carry out an effective public works program. Taking heed of the problems experienced by the Kolkata Metro – which was badly delayed and 12 times over budget – the development team utilized innovative procurement and strong project and contract management techniques.(Text: KPMG)

      Mundra Mega Power Project

      The US$4.4 billion Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project is a major, coal-fired thermal power plant serving the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab. A 25-year concession has been led in what is a landmark PPP for the Indian energy sector.

      Interceptor sewage system

      New Delhi has struggled to keep raw sewage from flowing into and polluting theYamuna River. India’s US$323 million Interceptor Sewage System is designed to divert sewage to treatment plants, enabling the river’s water to be used for horticulture and cleaning purposes. (Text: KPMG)

      (Image: Google Maps screenshot)
    2. Narmada Canal-top Solar project
    3. [​IMG]
    4. Another innovative initiative in the Indian state of Gujarat conserves water and generates energy.The US$17.9 million Narmada Canal Solar project will place a solar photovoltaic grid over the top of a 5.5-kilometer section of the canal, preventing water from evaporating and producing renewable power. In a form of PPP, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited will build the plant and maintain it for 25 years.
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