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South Asia: Future threats by Christine Fair

Discussion in 'The Big Adda' started by Agent_47, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Grevion

    Grevion Professional Think Troll IDF NewBie

    Oct 20, 2016
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    They are not happy with anyone who have a hard and no-nonsense stance on Pakistan.

    I agree with Mrs. Flair on her assessment about Pakistan. Pakistan will not hesitate in using nukes over its own population if India made further advancement inside the Pakistani territory.
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  2. Lion of Rajputana

    Lion of Rajputana Captain FULL MEMBER

    Oct 25, 2016
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    United States
    Can't watch the video at the moment, what's her justification for the argument, "supporting a Baloch insurgency is a bad thing." I don't see how this is remotely true, although it depends who she thinks it's bad for...
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  3. OnePunchMan

    OnePunchMan 2nd Lieutant FULL MEMBER

    Jan 7, 2017
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    Say what you will but Dr. Christine Fair has swagger and style none like any other analysts and in reddit lingo id best describe her by saying SHE IS EDGY AF.:cool:
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  4. kiduva21

    kiduva21 Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Apr 16, 2012
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    no body is interested in "b**bs of Bangladesh" ?:troll:
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  5. Indx TechStyle

    Indx TechStyle Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Sep 22, 2016
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    Seriously, even Indians got cozy with this "South Asia" bs? South Asia is mere generalized term for Akahand Bharat (LOL :D) by our little neighborhood who's confused about if they are Arabs, Turks, Persians or Mongols.
    Pakistani TV Media:

    Khitte me taqat ki barabari,
    khitte ki stability,
    khitte ki prosperity,
    khitte me atmi jung,

    Pakistani Journos:

    Balance of power in the South Asia,
    Regional peace,
    Regional mad,
    regional bomb,
    regional economy

    And these days:
    Pakistan is second largest economy of "South Asia".
    Pakistan is most urbanized nation in "South Asia" (not to mention if half of them live in slums).

    Pakistanis have even established a research institute called,
    Institute of South Asian Strategic Stability (SASSI) inside Islamabad which daily publishes about some sort of "balance" of power in "region" withkuffur infidel yindoo baniyas which inshallah pak will create some day.
    In brief, I'm just asking to call it Indian Subcontinent, greater India or outer India but don't call it "South Asia". Our silly neighbors always get orgasm to do those d*ck measuring competition.

    Pakistanis & Bangladeshis use "South Asia" word so much thaf
    I'm sick of it.
    Again saying, I'm sick of this word.
    and please pardon my irresponsible language but I really got sick of this word.:angry:
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  6. Golden_Rule

    Golden_Rule Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    May 1, 2013
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    There is nothing new in what is said or analyzed/hypothesized .... but I feel that this video is designed to confuse and send out mixed signals to any and every one, none guessing who will do what next!!!
  7. Levina

    Levina Guest

    I love this woman. She has the courage to speak against her own country which finances Pakistan.
    SA is like a ticking bomb. From Afghanistan to Bangladesh, extremist culture is thriving. Not too long before it goes Kaboom.
    While she and her ilk have been vocal about the dangers we face, nobody gives concrete solutions.
  8. drunken-monke

    drunken-monke SENIOR MEMBER

    May 13, 2011
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    Lets discuss one by one

    Afganistan - Its a place with very less HDI and loose infrastructure for civilians. Also they do have ample fodder for making terrorist in their own nation, why blame others? Nations who are engaged in rebuilding Afghanistan have their own interest, be it India, China, Pakistan or somebody else.. Unless they create enough jobs and infrastructure so that the people wont indulge in business of terror, they would have their problems in persistence.

    KSA - They think themselves as leader of Muslim world. I believe they have excess money which they are surely using promotion of Terrorism. Do you think CIA and US government unaware of this? In-fact they are very much a party of this game, guess why, weapons Markets. With support of USA they believe they can control the middle east and oil market, which is actually very much inverted case Vis-a-Vis USA.

    USA - They smell oil more than anything else. They have two main agenda's in their mind, Crude Oil and Weapons market. Nobody can tell you better than USA how to own or disown and neutralised the assets they created for their plans.. They work along with KSA to control the regimes in the middle east so that they control the oil fields. Remember Iraq?

    Pakistan - They are more of a Barking dogs who sometimes even bite. India phobia wont be from the minds of common Pakistanis unless the power pendulum shifts from Military leaders towards civilian leaders once and for all. Regarding TNW, I believe its more of self confidence boosting measure rather than anything. I don't think they have balls to use it initially. They have very well created a N phobia amongst Indian civilian leaders over a time they they would N weapons once India crosses IB. Believe me, they wont use it unless their very existence as nation is threaten..

    India - Its nation with lot of Ambition. It sees Afghanistan as an opportunity to establish itself as a regional power. Contrary to this, Pakistan takes this as a threat and they won't accept regional hegemony of India. The political leaders of India got many chances and either they lost those chances or lost on table after winning in the field. N threat perception is so strong that even after many provocation India did not teach Pakistan a lesson directly. India has a long term plan to stretch the tiny economy of Pakistan to a extent in arms race and nuclear weapon build up so that the real economic growth of Pakistan would be impaired. This is like slow poison, which is so slow that subject wont understand its use on it, but long term effects would be devastating and Pakistan would be unable to recover from it.

    My two cents.

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