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The Himalayan War & Beyond (aka Tibet)

Discussion in 'Defence Analysis' started by sangos, Aug 18, 2017.

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    This is an interesting template for how military ops will play out in the Himalayas and beyond. That said the dataset inputs are outdated and very limited assets brought into play for whatever reason (btw this is supposed to be a nothing-to-sneeze-at US think tank piece). Ex. Zero gaming of how BrahMos-1 Block-3 NLOS-BSMs can sanitize the LAC of TBM/IRBM assets available to the PLA. Or how the IAF’s Su-30MKIs can take out major arterial highways & railway tracks on the Tibetan plateau.

    In spite of oddball limitations it might serve as a base for offensive formations to play out in our Himalayan neighborhood.

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