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The return of Sanskrit

Discussion in 'The Big Adda' started by abirbec04, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    Sharmila Ganesan Ram | January 22, 2011

    In a recent motorcycle advertisement, the biker cruises through a remote Indian village where everyone speaks Sanskrit. The idea is that the bike can reach forgotten corners, but some years down the line the company may have to rework its campaign. An impressive number of individuals and institutions are trying to rescue the near-dead language from extinction.

    Recently, for instance, the World Sanskrit Book fair was held in Bangalore, where surprises included a 40-year-old Sanskrit daily newspaper called Sudharma and a Sanskrit orchestra. Brought out by a dedicated husband-wife team from Mysore along with three staffers, Sudharma was started by editor Sampath Kumar's father who wanted to dismiss the notion that Sanskrit is only for Brahmins and now sees a daily circulation of about 2, 000.

    Apart from this, Bangalore also boasts a band called Yodhakaa that blends Sanskrit shlokas with contemporary music.

    The return of Sanskrit | Cover Story | Times Crest
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