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There Could Be Another, Far Deadlier, Terrorist Attack On U.S., Warns Dick Cheney

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by Manmohan Yadav, Mar 28, 2017.

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    NEW DELHI: The US could face a graver terrorist attack than that of 9/11 and needs to be prepared for a set of challenges arising from increasingly assertive China and Russia, nuclear proliferation by nations like North Korea and Iran and a weakened US military, said former US vice president Dick Cheney in an incisive overview on America under Donald Trump.

    “One of my big concerns is that there will be another major attack. But next time they will not use airline tickets and box cutters, they will use something far deadlier,” said Cheney, who was in office when the 9/11 attacks took place during the George W Bush administration.

    “We have to be concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. That they can fall in the hands of terrorist organisations is a matter of great concern.”

    He also said that some would describe Russian attempts to influence US elections as an “act of war”, in his address at The Economic Times Global Business Summit on Monday.

    The world is facing its most complex set of threats since the end of World War II and one of the Donald Trump administration’s biggest challenges will be to allocate more funds for the military, Cheney said. He also expressed concern about globalization and trade being hit due to the current security scenario.

    “I personally believe that this is one of the most challenging security situations, the most complicated group of threats that we have seen since end of World War II,” he said.

    Expressing concern that rising threats have come at a time when the US military is at a “diminished level”, Cheney made a case for the Trump administration to allocate more funds for modernization.

    “It is very clear that the consequences from the eight-year Obama administrations have been devastating to the US military. It will be extremely important going forward, it will be a huge challenge for the Trump administration to find ways to reverse those trends and rebuild military so that we can achieve the set of relationships that we enjoyed with our allies and adversaries,” Cheney said.

    He also spoke about “Russian attempts” to influence the recent US elections as an example of security threats that can lead to disruption.

    “There is no question that a very serious effort was made by Mr (Vladimir) Putin and his government to influence in many ways our election process. In some quarters that will be considered as an act of war,” Cheney said.

    He also spoke about China as a threat to global security. “China is very active in South China Sea, claiming territory and building military bases where there were none before. And, I think aggressively presenting themselves throughout Asia,” he said.

    Cheney reserved his strongest comments for North Korea and Iran, suggesting that the two nations have been working together on nuclear weapons.

    “The possibilities of trouble from that quarter are almost unlimited. It is a subject that is very much on our minds,” he added.

    Cheney concluded by saying that in the coming months, the debate and discussion around globalization would increasingly revolve around the global security situation that have been complicated by a diverse set of threats.

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