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This is for all Donning Uniform

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by NS52, Jan 20, 2017.

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    Jan 7, 2017
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    A beautiful trend has creeped in like a virus, of communicatin one's misplaced opinion about the Armed Forces. One Tejveer Singh comes and many Tejveer's follow one after the another video's. Few complaining about the privilegs an Army officer gets, few expecting things as good and cosy as an officer, and few about good quality of food in Officers Mess and few blaming officers for corruption.....

    Damnit, why didn't you qualify to be an officer yourself?

    I am not penningthese thoughts because I happen to be part of th blamed lot but only because I form part of the organization and its my right as well as duty to plaster the unwanted damage as best as possible which has been by few grieved and cribbing personalities who should have actually given a 1000 thoughts before joining the forces when they have plethora of problems...
    I will ask you a simple question - Tell me a place and era where privileges were not based on status and responsibility of a person??

    We all know that privileges are designed as per our ranks in our society or for that matter any organisation we are a part of.
    If an Officer in Armed Forces gets certain privileges then thats because of the virtue of his rank which the President has bestowed on his shoulders, just like in civvy street Bureaucrats, politicians, entrepreneurs etc get many facilities..., and mostly undeserving!

    Who questions them? Have u seen a DM's or an SP's house? Its full of people - one for gardening, someone for watch and guard duties, one to cook, one for Dog taming, someone to pick up phonecalls and the list goes on, endless..

    But an Officer from Forces remains the bone of contention. Let me tell you he is given a buddy and its not a "sevadar" for all of them who use this word without any knowledge... And its in the Charter Of Duties of that buddy to prepare the uniform, equipment, battle gear of that officer and act as an aid to ease his daily functioning, and thats how we work....That jawan is not given any additional duty or fatigue if he has been appointed as a buddy. He is a buddy in war and peace both..

    In war also he will remain with that officer and work hand to hand till one of them dies thereby paralleling the duty as well as mutual cooperation for both of them...
    And we have a Mess and good quality food because we pay hefty bills for it for which a jawan is always unwilling.

    Yes, but I do condemn the alleged corruption, maintaining dogs and kids of officers and other menial jobs. I strongly condemn it but I would like to bring into your notice that its again the will of the individual who is doing it...
    No body forces anyone. Few people themself choose doing all these to be in a comfy zone rather than doing rigorous duties day and night...

    But still I would ask you to just join Forces as a commissioned officer and you will know how much pressure and workload the so called Officers have! Its very easy to stand and speak from outside the fence for those who are giving their unsolicited scholarly thoughts here..
    We all know very well that in Civil also privileges are based on hierarchy. In that way a DM of a district should expect privileges at par with a Principal Secretary or may be even the Chief Secretory and I as a Junior Officer in army should ask for privileges and facilities equivalent to my "Army Chief" and for that matter I should even ask for a "RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN" in the heart of Delhi since my Supreme Commander, The President of India possess it,,, Also I should even be given a bullet proof Mercedes which our President uses...and I should also write a complaint letter to the US President seeking a redressal since my President and my Supreme commander enjoys so nice and superb facilities....

    This is what exactly is being done now a days by few grieved immature misfits.
    Come on guys, stop preaching your wisdom without knowing the facts and nuances of Army functioning...
    If anyone of you who has any roots in Forces will not act and speak foolish like this. The welfare and good of the lower ranks is the first priority which is taken into consideration here, even if it's against the stake of an Officer's comfort.

    And where corruption is not there? Corruption and other evil acts are entirely a personality based social ill and not based on any organisation.
    So plz....Stop going with the current of water,,
    When Army or the CPF does a surgical strike kind of a thing you make them a Hero on social media and when some video like this floats around then you defame us notoriously...

    We dont need any publicity of any shade. But such videos with your support and you sharing them will damage the morale of not only the Forces but will also compromise your existence as a citizen one fine day, so Stop it for God's sake...
    Have some sense of maturity and understanding..

    Dont become a Herd of Sheep who can be driven in any direction just with a bamboo tick...... Be wise and fair, don't be biased, look at both sides of the coin and decide yourself.......


  2. nair

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  3. AbRaj

    AbRaj Captain FULL MEMBER

    Oct 30, 2016
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    People generally tend to forget that whatever they will get depends on how much hard work they have done .
    Nothing is free in nature.
    Everything has its cost in the form of money, hard work, time etc.
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  4. nair

    nair Guest

    The issue is the importance we give to negative news......... Some how we tend to read, listen or watch them rather than the positive ones.......
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  5. vsdoc

    vsdoc 2nd Lieutant FULL MEMBER

    May 11, 2011
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    To be honest, when we were cadets, most of us from a civvy background found the batty system to be a culture shock. But over time , once you go to forward areas, you realise it is a more symbiotic relationship.

    Many of us used to promise that when we became officers, we would do things differently.

    Some of us have. Some of us not quite so.

    I believe that in the fauj, every man is a fighting man, be he a cook or doctor. It is frankly really humiliating to see them carry shopping bags and driving the Mrs and kids around.

    And the polishing of stars, taking care of uniform etc. is one thing. But the polishing of boots comes down to us from the Brits.

    It is simply not culture congruent for us to do that. This is not the gurudwara where you are cleaning people's chappals and sandals.

    I really think this is one thing officers should not ask their batties to do.

    Because regardless of what anyone else tells you, in the fauj you do not say No ...

    Cheers, Doc
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  6. Inactive

    Inactive Guest

    Absolutely agreed.

    @stephen cohen

    You had tagged me the other day over this issue. I was too busy to respond then. I am sure that if you were to go through the above write up, you may be able to understand that the Charter of Duties of a 'Buddy' is clearly laid out. Also, there is Legal Military Base for it and the same is also legally incorporated into the Defence Services Regulations as also other Service Laws.

    Hypothetically, if army was to rid itself of the buddy system and instead rely on "civilian bearers" what shall it entail?

    Interesting points:

    1. A closed campus (read Cantonment) with secured entry and exit points! Now imagine the chagrin of IAS and Builder lobby who sell areas surrounding the Cantonment as "Prime Real Estate" being green and clean. Also imagine the problem that they will have for creating road connectivity, wherein the allocated funds have over the decades simply disappeared and the "cream" of Indian Society, obviously buying these very same properties and having an interest in the funds allocated for their connectivity, all join hands and seek court 'stay' of indefinite duration thereby permitting easy and open access to these roads in the cantonments resulting in the threat of very same kind of attacks as witnessed at Nagrota some time back.

    2. Recently, in order to woo the vote bank, RM extended the Canteen Facilities to Civil Defence Employees. By no means am I against welfare, but only one issue - they have NFU, what about the parity to the soldier? Ouch ... now that is an Isabgol moment. I am not even going to get into the Financial Implications here as there is a limit to what percentage of exemption can be granted to defence services in terms of tax break. Army has a strength of 1.2 million. Around 500,000 civilians extended the facility - just wow!

    3. There is a classic example of MES. They are supposed to be working under operational control of Army. They serve till 60 years without exemption, are liable for NFU. What a hilarity! A Garrison Engineer (GE) is usually a senior Major or Lt Colonel, and his AGE a civil employee. You have situation emerging wherein the man GE is expected to command has a higher pay than the GE. Why should he listen to him? A very startling information has recently come to light. Indian Army - 1.2 million, MES 346000. Officers in HAG for pay and allowances - Indian Army about 26, MES 146!!!!! And the allocation is from - you guessed it right - Defence Budget. Hey, even their pension is from Defence Budget!!! And HAG gets business class travel for self and family!!!!!! Then you lament pathetic state of equipment in Army.

    This is just for starters .... ponder over it.

    The real question remains why is there an all out attack on armed forces? Who gains?

    Saw the video clip of the Medical Corps soldier? He complains of vehicle not being provided, saw the overweight and well clad BSF soldier? HE complains of poor food. And suddenly armed forces are being attacked.

    So maybe, one needs to question here who gains?

    More to come
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