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Trainer aircrafts of IAF - PC-7, HTT-40, HTT-36 Sitara, BAE Hawk

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by R!CK, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. X_Killer

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    Apr 2, 2017
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    Problem with IAF is that, they are very much addicted to imported wine.
  2. Sancho

    Sancho Lt. Colonel Technical Analyst

    May 3, 2011
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    All true, but at the same time it's completely unresonable how much unaccountability they get in India! No matter how long the delays, how big the failure, how bad the project management, we give our scientist a free pass and always point fingers to others or make up excuses. Politicians, the forces, budgets, sanctions...we heard it all, but where is the acknowledgement of "we messed it up" in any case?

    Why is there no comment about IJT anymore? It's a major development failure for the country, but there is no one that was held accountable and all we hear from HAL is distraction towards HTT40.

    If we (rightfully) ask for more incentives for scientists and indigenous R&D, we also have to ask for more accountability as well!
  3. Ankit Kumar 001

    Ankit Kumar 001 Major Technical Analyst

    Oct 13, 2016
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    Ministry of Defence18-July, 2017 15:11 IST
    Production of HTT-40 Trainer Aircraft

    The maiden flight of 2nd Prototype (PT-2) of Basic Trainer Aircraft (HTT-40) has been successfully completed on 19th May 2017 without any glitch. The aircraft flew for one hour carrying out important manoeuvres, touching altitude of 20000 ft and maximum speed of 185 kmph.
    Presently, the project is in advanced stage of development. Two prototypes have been developed and produced till date and both prototypes are under flight trials. Additionally, one more prototype will be manufactured to further speed up the development process. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) aims to get the aircraft certified by December 2018 which will be followed by series production.
    In February 2015, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved procurement of 70 Basic Trainer Aircraft from HAL. Considering this, HAL has planned to set up facility for manufacturing of 15-20 aircraft per annum. HTT-40 is funded by HAL with its own resources.
    This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri K Rahman Khan in Rajya Sabha today.

    (Release ID :168526)


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