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Turkey's TFX Fifth Gen Fighter Program

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by Agent_47, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. DrSomnath999

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    Jun 11, 2011
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    i am sorry it wont help anyone as they are in advanced stage of development of their own protype .We wont have anything

    i dont see closely rather i see future , each post of mine has some relevance if not everything .
    US & britain has JSF for it's navy . who knows chinese may deploy some stealth jet for it's own navy in fture .
    so IN should not be behind to keep an edge in indian ocean ,but rather they are running after F18 ,rafales & Mig29

  2. zebra7

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    Nov 3, 2016
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    Who is asking Japan, for another Stealth fighter Plane. Countries don't makes fighter planes, its different OEMs which contributes to build a complete system.
    We need the help of the Japanese firms in the shape of JV for subcomponents such as Composites, Critical Sensors, Metallurgicy, Optronics, IRST, Avionics, Actualtors, Smart weapons, VUHF radios, High speed tactical data links, LPI Radar, Sensor fussion, Turbofan powerplant. It is not buying any components from them, rather asking them to invest in the India for R&D and development with the prosper of the 200 projected AMCA for IAF and IN, and for the exports to the friendly nations.

    BTW Japanese prototype would remain as the tech. demonstrator, unless their is huge threat from the China, since Japanese already goes for F-35.

    You don't look in the broader perceptive, that's why you fail, to see.

    1. Threats which the PRC is facing in the shape of the Japan, Taiwan, S Korea, Austalia, Indonesia, Vietnaam, Singapore, Philipence, backed by the USAN Aircraft Carrier fleet. Thus J20 was needed for the defencive doctorine of the China to create Area excess, Area Denial. That means though China was able to procure/licence build/reverse engineered long range SAMs, and field powerfull UHF survellance Radar, and various Air defence systems, the real threat comes in the shape of F35, which itself is the threat to the SAM systems and Air defence systems. So to limit the USAN carrier, J20 will serve its Aerial Air defense platform against the Tankers, AEW & EC with superior fire power, and endurace.

    2. Building a stealth Airframe is quite easy, even @vstol jockey is able to do that, but difficult when you needs the avionics, smartweapon, sensor fussion, communication and sensor capability of the real 5th gen capable fighter plane for which China have the limited source in the legal term, thats why Su-35.
    J20 is not a 5th Gen fighter plane by any stretch of imagination.

    3. Leave aside Stealth Carrier based fighter plane for China, China will have to first field its J-15 which is facing critical problems, related to the power plant, because just like India, China lacks the rare earth metallurgical know how, and is still several years behind to field the reliable powerplant. And this tech. is not available with the former USSR nations, other than Russia from where she could buy its blue prints, tools, dies and test data like it did with the Cruise missile Korsun, SU 27/33 (J-12, J16, J-15). Nor did the Chinese have experience of the Carrier operation.

    4. Most of the information about the Chinse superiority of weapons are due to the Propaganda articles, news whose author is the serving officer of PLA/PLAAF/PLAN as directed by PRC or the authors, and media who need to spread sensations amoung the western news audience. Those who buys those theories tend to make such mistakes, because they were again looking too closely, because the bigger perceptive says, it has two reasons, first PRC intenton to terrorized its neighbours and second the western media to sell their news. Infact China knew, that this fluke works only on the ordinary audiance, and not on the US intelligence.

    5. Last but not the least, their is no answer of Rafale with the China, and who don't want to fall into the trap of J-10 superior to Rafale except Pakistani , should rest assured that Rafale is much superior to it, and clear the doubts there is no stealth, in the world rather its LO, and that too in some range of frequency, and their is lot of difference between the Stealth platform and the 5th Generation warfare capable fighter plane and the latter is the ones that matters.

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