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Turkey's TFX Fifth Gen Fighter Program

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by Agent_47, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Sep 4, 2017
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    As opposed to our western neighbour and the whole clutter of nations further west to our western neighbour all adherents of the religion of peace aka peacefuls , this is the only nation with a robust engineering and manufacturing base now increasingly hardened by a revival of their faith .

    I'd be extremely interested in seeing how their 5 gen plane plans pan out . I'd also be interested in seeing the extent and quality of British involvement vide RR and possibly other agencies in seeing this project to fruition .

    Finally I'd also be interested in seeing how the US reacts to All this considering that both the US and Turkey haven't been on the best of terms of late but both need each other in the interim .

    This is THE project to watch out for unlike the 5 gen Chinese FA , in my opinion .

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