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Was it a "decisive success"?

Discussion in 'Military History' started by Artesh, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Hi there guys...

    hangin around in the cyber space,

    i found this topic:

    i just write answers to a single phrase of this topic ...

    The initial Syraqi offensive is a decisive success that overruns Khuzestan
    I don't know how much do you know about Iran/Iraq War !!!

    So, I start from Very First ...

    1- Surprise attack of Iraqi Air Force, compeletly Failed due to low Training and Experience of its Pilots.

    We only lost a plane that later was repaired.

    The day After attack, we showed our merci with 192 planes attacked Iraqi "Valueable Targets".

    2- They said We will capture "Khorramshahr" in 1 day, "Khuzistan" in 3 days and "Tehran" in 7 days.

    But, they were stopped at so-called "DEJ" -Fortress - s for 3 days.

    they were a series of 60 Cement fortress , each one has a garrison of 20, consisted of:

    1 M-47 / 48 Medium Tank

    1 106 mm Gun

    1 M2 .50 cal HMG

    1 60 mm Mortar

    2 RPG-7 Teams

    1 MG 3 A 1 LMG

    The Fortresses were crewed by elements of "151st Inf. Bn." .

    3- Iranian Gendarmerie Troops had fought with Iraqi forces, back in 1962, 1974 and 1978, each time they were defeated.

    4- The Battle of Khoramshahr lasted 34 days !!!

    Iranian Forces, Consisted of:

    92 Arm. Div. --- 1st Marine Battalion --- Gendarmerie Troops --- Newly Formed "IRGC" volunteers --- "Army Officer College" volunteers ---

    Defended Town to last man, last bullet, last drop of their blood.

    4- Iraqi forces could not capture "Abadan" , but sieged it, the siege was later broke during "Samen-ol-Aemmeh" Operation.

    5- Iraqi forces were stopped at North-Western Front in 10th day of war.

    6- they were stopped in Western front in 27th day of War.

    7- they stopped at central Front in the 3rd month of war.

    8- They never Captured "Ahvaz" - "Andimeshk" - "Masjed Soleiman" - "Susa" - "Shushtar" - "Ramhormoz" ...

    9- in fact, they never "Overrun" Khuzestan Province.

    10- they lost their Navy in 67th Day of War. (Op. Morvarid)

    11- Single Handed, The Iranian Navy Gunboat "IRIS SHAMSHIR (EN: Sword) - P-227" Under Lt. Zarrabi, had shot down 11 Iraqi planes dung first 3 month of war.

    So, was it a Great Victory for them?

    Is it counted as an Victory?

    Please feel free to comment.

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