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Weekend debate: As a Londoner, I still don't care about terrorism- and you shouldn't either

Discussion in 'Defence Analysis' started by Levina, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Oct 16, 2016
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    Nazis were always socialists inherently....its in their name ;)

    With socialism, you always need some way to violently back it/enforce it.

    Its why whenever there has been socialism implemented (be it in pure terms, mixed terms, or extremist i.e communist terms), it always stemmed from the end of a gun in the end.

    This whole concept that Hitler was "on the right" (from the anarchy/nationalism scale) and using that to extend to the left/right (economic, society) scale today....is a bunch of horse dung as Gen Patton would say.....because the leftists today are either just as big into govt control (as Hitler was) and when they aren't.... their argument falls apart even more....because there has been no large scale implementation (forget success) of socialism with anarchy (which is literally antithetical to Marxist methodology which strived for end utopia/anarchy through massive "intermediary" govt - which should be a huge red flag to anyone to begin with, along with marx (and vast majority of communist/socialist thinkers/leaders) never practicing what they preached).

    They have completely lost the argument in any actual level playing field (youtube was the largest one probably - but even that is now trying to change the level of red-pilling going on and censor/spoonfeed/virtue signal etc etc....to try help the leftist establishment). Twitter, facebook, google even....have all been largely stacked to favour the leftist, anti-free speech ppl.

    So yeah genuine free speech+debate is the enemy for those that have lost the argument....but the silver lining is all this desperation is quickly prompting the new younger generation (that are in early teens to teens) to get almost physically pushed away from this enforced/spoonfed/anti-redpill mainstream...and embrace the new counter-culture that is gathering pace...sometimes take the red-pill directly etc. I like being on the "rebel" side of things for once against the evil empire ;)
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