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What is the truth of NEhru GAndhi Family as Individuals

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Himanshu Pandey, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Himanshu Pandey

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    Jul 21, 2011
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    Smt. indira Gandhi's husband's name was Feroz Khan & Indira was married to him secretly through love affair, changed her religion & converted to Islam & had a new Islamic name too. What was that ? Also, when this created stir in Nehru's house, after a lot of infighting between her & father, the matter was presented to Gandhiji, who after a lot of thought, put a condition for acceptance that Feroz should change his surname from Khan to Gandhi, of his mother's father's surname. He agreed & after sometime he was killed in mysterious circumstances. Who killed him ? Later,she rturned to Hindufold & Gandhiji's trick worked(man of truth). It is said that Indira's sons were named Rajiv & Sanjeev. The latter was caught while stealing something in Engalnd & so, his passport was forefeited there. India's ambassader there arranged a bogus passport for him at new name Sanjay & sent him back to India. So, he became Sanjay from Sanjeev. Is it true ? Were they so much unprincipled ?

    The story was written by Shri Mathai. According to that story, Feroz's father was a Pathan Muslim & mother a Parsi, both were married after love affairs & his mother embraced Islam. Indira's nikah with Feroz Khan was solemnized at Jama Masjid, at Clock Tower Chowk mohalla of Allahabad, UP, where earlier Nehru's sister Vijai Laxmi Pandit too was married to Shri Syed, an eminent journalist , after changing her name to Aisha. Later with Gandhi's intervention Syed was posted as Indian diplomat in USA . A little later, a new boy, Shri Pandit was grought, lived in Nehru's house, befriended Vijai Laxmi, both fell in love & married to each other WITHOUT DIVORCE of Vijai Laxmi from Syed, as per dirty trick of "MAHATMA" Gandhi. Every problem in Nehru family was being solved by him, mostly by very dirty tricks. Even then he was considered Mahatma. Syed never returned India & died in cairo. Vijailaxmi immediately went there alone & wept bitterly holding his grave for a long time.
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