Why army shouldnt be used for anti naxal ops

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    For long, quite a few members have suggested use of Indian army to crush naxal movement. Inability of state police and CRPF to tackle naxals effectively and mounting civilian and police casualties are strong arguements in favour of use of army in anti naxal ops.

    I am dead against the use of army in naxal operations. Inefficiency of state police/CRPF and faulty strategy adoped by state/central govt shouldnt become a excuse for use of army in naxal operations.

    we should understand it is responsibility of state police and CRPF to tackle internal security problems. army should be brought in as last option only. it is police which is trained to tackle internal security situations effectively and not army.

    when we use army in internal security situations, we should be prepared for higher collatoral damage. lemme give u an example.

    a large group of rioters hit the streets ransacking everything and their numbers rise substantially. they attack the police forces and are about to over power them. sensing this, the policemen withdraw from the scene, they come back with reinforcements. there is no shame felt in withdrawing from the scene.

    now place army in same situation. if army personnel sense that rioters will over power them with current level of force. they will increase the use of force. withdrawing from scene is never an option for an army men. army man treats the situation inside the city in the same way as he treats the situation in border areas. to withdraw from scene (read battle front) will lead to shame for unit and even he will not be able to live with the fact that he "lost" the battle to a group of rioters. so he uses all the force available to him to defeat the opponent. this may mean higher collatoral damage but he is more comfortable with collatoral damage than losing battle.

    instead of toying with this idea, we should concentrate on getting our strategy right. i suggest we immidiately implement the following:

    1. place all anti naxal forces under one leadership so that coordination becomes easy.
    2. No seperate political strategy by each state. there should be one central political strategy which is to be followed by everybody irrespective
    of political ideology or nature.
    3. Improve Human intelligence at grass route level in naxal affecxted areas.
    4. provide better training and arms to poilce forces.

    i think with these measures we will be able to counter naxals effectively.
  2. Nirvana


    Agree With You ,
    If We Bring in Army it will be a Blunder

    We should Not forget They are Our own People , and Its our Internal Matter.

    If they will continue with Armed rebellia they should be Replied with Same

    for Anti-Naxal Operations , The Police and Paramilitary force should be Better Equipped - which they are Not at the Moment

    what IAF should do In this is Provide Recce with their Choppers and Also Transportation Roles

    Army Should Provide Training to Para's and Police force

    Improved Intelligence is Needed too , The CRPF are at the Moment under equipped and are sent to fight against those Maoist who have Upper hand In such Conditions and Thats why we are Facing casualities

    There should be Proper strategy made
  3. Galaxy


    I don't Army or Air Force is required at this point of time. High Tech Intelligence + More Special Task + Better co-ordination is required.
  4. Karthic Sri

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    But who will 'implement' these strategies or in other words take these words from the paper onto the ground ?

    For those who have read this forum it will be clear that I also have staunchly opposed Indian Army ops for Maoists. But the recent events is making me think if ultimaltely the solution lies only with the Indian Army.

    The CRPF higher brass are acting like nincompoops resulting in the casualty of the Jawans and the political leaders are no better either. Each with his own thinking and set of actions with no co-ordination at all.

    How long can this silent killing go on with the Maoists re-grouping going on apace ?
  5. Kronus


    Army is not a solution to naxals, that is true but we have to introspect as to what the government has done to eliminate the naxals. There is virtually no cooperation between the CRPF & the state police, atleast in Chhattisgarh where I reside. And more so there is no strategic plan against the naxalites as well. Police are just on the defensive side and are content to sit back and repel the attacks rather than attacking the naxal base camps. As seen in recent times that attack on police has increased stupendously & the causalities are mounting day by day. So first thing I would suggest is to go Offensive against the Naxals are destroy their base camps which has to be backed up by a Solid Strategic Plan equally involving the CRPF & the State Police.

    Army has recently set up a Jungle warfare training camp in Chhattisgarh. The naxals are opposing the move as they are afraid that the army may soon get involved in fight against them. Their concerns are buoyed by the statement from Army spokesperson that in case the Army camp/personnel are attacked, then there will a direct attack by the army on the naxals. Naxal leaders are also reiterating the same. I am stating it here because due to this pressure cooker situation, the naxals have already started reacting by burning trucks & freighters & blocking roadways and abrupting normal life. So it may be that for the first time in Chhattisgarh (probably India) army may get involved in a firefight against the Naxals.
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    Agree 100%. If army is deployed for guarding the national integrity, then who would shoot 12 year olds as in Chennai?rs. Shrimati Col's a$$ is more sacred than our country, anytime, anywhere.
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    1. I agree with all posters that getting involved in internal security ops is the worst nightmare for any military anywhere. On the other hand, the Police and the Paramily are always poorly led and lack adequate discipline. These themselves cause Maoist- like reaction escalating the problem further.

    2. Perhaps it may become inevitable for IA to get called as in J&K,NE, Punjab, Golden Temple,etc. Another factor is political pressure. Political leadership are themselves under pressure to engage the military and display that they are doing something seriously. There the quality of higher military command come into play. How much pressure can they withstand to protect the Service? It may not be out of place to mention here that V K Singh, a fine officer, is being harassed on some date of birth issue after so many decades of service. God save all from these babus.
  8. DaRk KnIght


    Our Military forces should be deployed against Naxals. It is very much clear that CRPF is not able to deal with them. Life of our people are more important than anything else.


    in spite of all ills i have brought out?


    do not de-rail the thread my dear.

    if u want to discuss that case open up a new thread and we all will participate.

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