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Will Eurofighter consortium have the last laugh in MMRCA Deal ??

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Anees, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Will Eurofighter consortium have the last laugh in MMRCA Deal ??


    Tussle over HAL’s role in Manufacturing of Rafale fighter jet 126 combat aircraft is finally out in open, Dassault’s demands might be a deal breaker as Dassault wants to control Production of the aircraft and wants to maintain its control over the technology of the aircraft.

    Dassault has been actively promoting Reliance aerospace has a main support company for HAL, Dassault has been trying to push a bigger role for Reliance aerospace in a way that will lead to lesser dominance of the HAL in Rafale production in India, Expert see Dassault demands has a way to deny HAL transfer of critical technology and to maintain its grip over their property, but whole stubborn attitude of Dassault might be a deal breaker for them.

    While Eurofighter consortium have been keeping close watch over the whole negotiation with French and Indian negotiators, and have been counting on French attitude for them to re enter into the multi dollar fighter deal. According to experts India will not agree on Dassault’s demand for two separate contracts to be signed for the deal which includes one for the 18 aircraft to be built by the firm in France and the other for the 108 aircraft which are be integrated in India by the HAL.

    Eurofighter consortium have agreed to have a relook again at the price and have promised the aircraft could be delivered within months and that the final price could come down.India has been trying to work on a deal with French company so has to not waste one year of hectic negotiations which took place, but if solution doesn’t come out of this tussle then and Indian team will be forced to open negotiations with Eurofighter consortium over possible sale of Eurofighter Typhoon.

    Will Eurofighter consortium have the last laugh in MMRCA Deal ?? | idrw.org
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