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With 5G jet features, India Talks about Super Sukhoi with Russia

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Anees, Jul 5, 2015.

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    First Introduced in 2002 in Indian Air force and now considered the backbone of IAF fighter fleet, Sukhoi-30MKI will soon undergo up-gradation to remain relevant to future air warfare.

    India and Russia have started discussing to upgrade aircraft with added characteristics of fifth-generation aircraft to convert it into a “Super Sukhoi”. India plans to start upgrading Sukhoi in Phase wise to Super Sukhoi Standard by 2020 and in first phase first 80 aircrafts delivered to Indian air force will be selected for such upgrades.

    While aircraft remains Potent platform in the region, the technology used on the aircraft was frozen almost 15 years ago and software too is wearing out too fast due to advancement in aircraft technology and avionics.

    Super Sukhoi Standard will introduce Modern Aesa radar and latest technology in the modern Avionics in the cockpit for pilots. upgraded Super Sukhoi would also lead changes to several structural elements which will bring in advanced stealth characteristics in the aircraft. Aircraft will come with new weapons systems developed for FGFA and other Indigenous Weapons systems been developed in India.

    Plans are to bring Sukhoi’s close to FGFA in terms of Capabilities. India and Russia have still not finalised technical aspect of the upgrades planned yet, but talks are in the advanced stage with Irkut Corporation and other Russian authorities.

    India and Russia are also working on increasing operational availability of the aircraft by streamlining supply chain of spares and delivery mechanism. Russians are already working on minor modification fix for AL-31 engines which power Su-30 family to remove certain issues highlighted by Indian partner HAL and Indian air force. it has been confirmed that under Super Sukhoi Standard Su-30s will not be getting new engines but rather an improved one with an enhanced performance.

    With 5G jet features, India Talks about Super Sukhoi with Russia | idrw.org
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