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Yazidi survivor's horror story reveals how ISIS threw screaming women and children into mass graves

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by omya, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. omya

    omya Lt. Colonel ELITE MEMBER

    Jan 27, 2013
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    'They started to put people in those holes, those people were alive': Yazidi survivor's horror story reveals how ISIS threw screaming women and children into mass graves
    • Survivor's account describes women and children being buried alive
    • Tens of thousands of Yazidis have fled their homeland under persecution
    • The refugees now sit idle in camps in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq
    Refugee Samo Ilyas Ali has nine children to feed but he can't focus on the future because the sounds of women and children crying out for help while being buried alive by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq often consume his mind.

    Tens of thousand of Yazidis fled their ancient homeland of Sinjar and other villages to escape a dramatic push by the Sunni militants who regard the ethnic minority as devil worshippers who must embrace their radical version of Islam or die.

    The refugees sit idle in camps in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

    Scroll down for video


    Displaced Iraqis gather to receive clothes provided by a charity at a new camp in the town of Feeshkhabour


    About 1.5million people have been displaced by fighting in Iraq since the Islamic State's rapid advance in June


    A young girl smiles as health workers administer polio and tetanus vaccines to Iraqis in the background

    Traumatized by Islamic State militants notorious for beheadings and mass executions, they have simply given up on Iraq and want to go as far away as possible; to countries like Germany, worlds away from their mysterious customs.

    U.S. air strikes against Islamic State positions and vows by Kurdish commanders to recapture Yazidi villages provided no reassurances.

    It's easy to see why.

    Ten days ago, Ali and his fellow villagers were suddenly surrounded by Islamic State militants with machine guns at night. They had long beards. Some had face masks and Arabic writing on the sides of their heads.

    Absent from the scene were Kurdish peshmerga, or 'those who confront death', fighters who had held parts of the north and were seen as the only force that could stand up to Islamic State after thousands of U.S.-trained Iraqi soldiers fled their advance, leaving them with heavy weapons including tanks

    Suddenly the men began digging ditches - soon to become mass graves.

    'We did not understand. Then they started to put people in those holes, those people were alive,' said former grocery shop owner Ali, 46, pausing to weep.


    The Yazidi in the north of the country have suffered badly at the hands of the vicious Islamic State forces


    Refugee Iraqis smile as they carry new clothes provided to them by a charity organisation

    'After a while we heard gunfire. I can't forget that scene. Women, children, crying for help. We had to run for our lives, there was nothing to be done for them.'

    It was not possible to independently verify these accounts.

    Some of the Yazidis escaped with the help of Turkish and Syrian Kurdish fighters. But similar scenes are reported in several parts of the north.

    In some of the most recent bloodshed, militants massacred at least 80 Yazidi men in Kawju village because they refused to convert to Islam, Iraqi officials said. Women and children were abducted.


    Reports from northern Iraq describe ISIS forces beheading people and in some instances burying them alive

    Islamic State seemed most intent on killing members of Iraq's majority Shi'ite sect, which it considers to be heretical. During Islamic State's latest offensive in the north, minority Yazidis and Christians have suffered the most.

    The Yazidis, followers of an ancient religion derived from Zoroastrianism, are spread over northern Iraq and are part of the country's Kurdish minority.

    Many of their villages were destroyed when Saddam Hussein's troops tried to crush the Kurds. Some were taken away by the executed former dictator's intelligence agents.

    Now they feel helpless again. Fellow Kurds abandoned them. Iraq has a new prime minister who is seen as moderate and may be less inclined to engage in disputes with the Kurds over budgets and oil than his predecessor, perhaps bringing political stability that could benefit the north.

    Yazidi survivor's horror story reveals ISIS mass graves | Mail Online
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  2. Anees

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    United States
    ISIS is an like virus and need to be killed not by medically or ideology or gun But by One Hydrogen Bomb Highly Recommenced.........
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  3. Sree

    Sree Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Aug 1, 2013
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    I cant see any media explosion in our country related to the Yazidi's mass execution..... i think they are not human beings for our nationalist media's or political parties whereas they(Our media's and political parties) were making Israel-Hamas conflict as a world war.........
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